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Circle Round

A circle of children ask others to join in their play and soon find out that inclusion is irresistible!

From the author of I’m New Here and Someone New comes an inspiring new story of inclusion. One child in a park waves over a second child. Two children then wave over a third. Counting from one to ten, a growing circle of children see new faces outside the group and invite them over. Children of different abilities, ages, genders, and races demonstrate how easy it can be to expand your group, extend yourself, and welcome new friends.


“A cogent message of love and acceptance is portrayed through the spare language and delicate watercolor illustrations of this diverse picture book. … Body diversity—one boy arrives with a service dog; a little girl has hearing aids—and multiple ethnicities are represented without being remarked upon, making this a subtle, unifying text.”

Foreword Reviews

“This ode to kindness and a welcoming spirit is cheerful and textually minimal, focusing on number words one to 10, active verbs, and the words circle or circles in boldfaced larger type.”

Kirkus Reviews

One basketball, two bicycle wheels, three hula hoops, four frisbees, and other circular objects up to 10 provide children of varying skin tones, genders, and abilities the chance to interact through play in this lively counting book.”

Publishers Weekly

“This warm-hearted playground-set concept book focuses on circles and on counting from one to ten… The message of inclusion, underscored by the illustrations’ casual diversity in characters’ skin tones, ethnicities, genders, and abilities, is clear for very young children — all of whom would be likely enthusiastically into this circle of friends.”

Horn Book